I was asked to write a “brief summary of my activites” for the past academic year for a department newsletter, and finding that task impossible, here’s what I wrote instead:

I’ve been working on a few different papers and a book recently. One paper, “Prolegomena to Any Future Physics-Based Metaphysics”, critiques metaphysicians who appeal to false physical theories to attempt to establish some metaphysical thesis. In May I gave a talk based on this paper at the retirement conference of my advisor from Princeton, Bas van Fraassen.

Another paper I’ve been working on, “Design Inferences in an Infinite Universe”, talks about how inferences to design are affected under the supposition that the universe is spatially infinite. I gave a talk based on that paper at Notre Dame in the fall. 

The book I’ve been working on takes issue with the various bad arguments against intelligent design in the literature. Even though I’m an atheist, I’m offering a partial defense of intelligent design — I argue that it’s legitimate to think of intelligent design as a science and that arguments for intelligent design are more plausible than they’re typically given credit for. I also argue that there are ways in which it’s a good idea for intelligent design to be taught in public school.

I also got a few things published. The one I’m probably most proud of is a paper in Philosophical Quarterly called “Time Travel Without Causal Loops”, where I argue just that — that time travel can occur without causal loops. It’s one of these arguments that (in my opinion, at least) is clearly right, and yet some people have suggested the opposite, and that’s what makes it publishable.  

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