I got my American Philosophical Association membership renewal in the mail recently, and in case other people did too, I want to encourage you not to give a donation to the APA. Their membership fees are steeply graduated by income, but I encourage people to pay the minimum, regardless of what their income is. 

Here’s one reason I’m not a fan of the APA: the APA wastes our money trying to pass inappropriate resolutions like this one, accomplishing little other than alienating all their members who support the death penalty (and making the APA look like some sort of foolish group that decides important philosophical questions via majority vote).

But even if you are a fan of the APA, you have to think about the opportunity cost of donating to them; there are lots of worthwhile causes to which (in my opinion) you’d be much better off giving a donation. If you’re looking for a philosophy-related cause, I’d recommend the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

So how do you avoid giving a donation to the APA? You only give $45. Everything you give them above $45 is a donation (tax-deductible even); the services you get by being a member of the APA are worth $45 (in the APA’s estimate). So $45 is all they’re going to get from me; the extra $100 they want from me is going to a more worthwhile cause.