I’m happy to report that I’ve recently received a good amount of positive feedback from a number of atheist-minded philosophers about my forthcoming book, Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design. The general consensus seems to be that atheism isn’t obviously right, and the theistic hypothesis should be taken seriously, and evidence for it examined. Also, the atheist-minded philosophers are unhappy with how some intelligent design opponents seem more focused on emotion and rhetoric than argument — they expect better of people (especially philosophers) who are engaging in this debate. For example, I recently got an email from a philosopher of science at a top philosophy program, which read in part:

I’m also an atheist who thinks that the arguments for ID are far more interesting than philosophers tend to appreciate.  I think it’s lamentable that the climate now is such that you can’t seriously discuss such things without attracting ill will from well-meaning opponents of the religious right.  … Writing a book like yours is a brave thing to do and it might make the world a better place.

I appreciated hearing that.

In other news, my book is slated to come out in July.